Temple Beth Joseph of Herkimer, New York

A Conservative Synagogue in New York’s Mohawk Valley

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Education at Temple Beth Joseph

Bubba Batra 21a

עד שבא יהושע בן גמלא ותיקן שיהו מושיבין מלמדי תינוקות בכל מדינה ומדינה ובכל עיר ועיר ומכניסין אותן כבן שש כבן שבע

Eventually, Joshua ben Gamala came and ordained that teachers for young children should be appointed in each and every district, each and every city and that children should enter school at the age of six or seven.

In 1957 the Ida Castle School Wing was added to serve the educational needs of our community, a task which we have met diligently for over half a century. In that time the number of students has waxed and waned but each class has learned how to be Jewish in our school. Each of our b'nai mitzvah has proudly chanted his or her haftarah, Erev Shabbat services, Shabbat morning services and more. Our students are not just our children; they are the future of Judaism in America and beyond.

Should you wish further information about our religious school, please contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to answer your questions & get information to you.